Cheap Beats

Welcome to the Cheap Beats page. Here you will find cheap exclusive beats for sale for your next album, mix-tape or demo. These beats are discounted to help provide something for those whose budget is $50 to $149. These beats are no different than the beats found in the main beat store here. These are just discounted.


Cheap Exclusive Beats Purchase:

When you purchase the exclusive rights to these beats, you are granted full ownership. The beat will no longer belong to me and it will be removed from this site. You will receive the MP3 file along with the WAV Track Out files (track stems). With these files you are able to mix and master your song to get the best results possible, which is important.

Lastly, you will receive the exclusive rights contract stating your ownership in more details. You can preview the information by clicking the “licenses” tab up top in the menu. You can also lease these beats as well if you prefer to do that. Simply follow the instructions on the player above for purchasing. If you have any issues or questions, shoot me a message via the Contact tab up top in the menu.


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