What is a Verse in a Song?

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In a song there are certain elements of the song that actually make up the song itself. For example, in most modern day music today, most songs contain an intro (introduction), 2 or 3 verses, sometimes a bridge and the hook or chorus. Some might even include an “outro” or ending. So when listening to music or making music it’s important to know what you are listening to. Believe it or not, there are at least 500-600 searches per month entitled: “What is a verse in a song?”

So, in this post I’m going to discuss what a verse is.

So, what is a verse in a song?

Great question! The verse of a song is the section of the song structure that really allows the artist to go in depth of the song’s message or theme. The verse should relate to the chorus/hook of a song while offering more detail, insight and substance to the song’s theme than the chorus does. For example, when looking at an album cover or the song list you will find the titles of the songs. Read More

How To Count Bars

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Most people in the music industry, especially the rap music industry, know what a “bar” is. Even most fans of music have at least a brief understanding of what a bar is. But if you are an artist (whether it be rap, pop or r&b) then it’s also important to know how to count bars in a song. In this post I’m going to share with you:

1) The importance of counting bars


2) How to count bars

Why is it important to know how to count bars?

Good question. Whether you are a beat maker, a producer, or an artist, it’s important to know how to count bars. Knowing how to count bars is essential when it comes to song structure. A bar is the essential tool of measurement for a song. So without the understanding of knowing how to count bars, it is difficult to have song structure with an adequate measuring tool. Read More

How Many Bars In A Verse?

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If you are a rapper, singer or even a producer/beat maker you have probably pondered the question: How many bars in a verse? Or, How many bars should be in a verse? …as if there’s a predetermined set number. That’s the point I really want to tackle in this post: There are traditional answers for this question of how many bars to use in a verse, but there’s really no right or wrong answer.

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16 Bars In A Verse, Right?

For years we’ve heard the standard bar length for a verse is 16 bars, especially in rap music. Sure, this is a good standard for the average rap song, but I think a lot of this was just people copying each other or just going along with the trend. There are many factors that should determine the length of a verse in a song.

Let’s get right into these factors:

1) What’s Your Vision For The Track?

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What’s A Bar In Rap?

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term “rap bar” or simply “bars” before when referring to a rap song. Normally you’ll hear rap music fans refer to a rappers’ “bars” in a positive or negative way: “He spittin dem bars!” or “He got dem bars!”…but have you ever wondered to yourself “What exactly is a bar in rap music?”

So, What Exactly Is A Bar In Rap?

Good question! I’m making this post because I know there are a lot of rap artists (or aspiring rap artists) out there who would like to know the more technical side of these sorts of terms. These artists want to understand what exactly a bar is and what a verse is to better help them structure and create a rap song themselves. So, here we go:

A bar in rap music is a section or measure of music that is a tool for structuring a song. For example, when I’m making rap beats it’s important that I have an idea of how many bars I want each verse in the beat to be. A bar is a fairly short piece of music, normally the first 4 counts in a measure of music. It’s a simple 1-2-3-4 which goes with the pulse of the song and starts over after 4 normally. Read More

New Beats Added To “Cheap Beats” Page

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What’s up ya’ll??

I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I have uploaded 3 new beats to the Cheap Beats page. On this page, you can purchase the exclusive rights to beats for only $50!

Leasing options are also cheaper as well, compared to the normal rates at the Main Beat Store.

I have a new beat I am working on finishing up. I hope to post it soon!

I’m also in the midst of a transition. I might be moving states, so there might be some time pass before I upload a lot of new beats. I will keep you all updated though!

Trap Rap Beat 2017 – Deuce

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What’s up everyone!? I hope you are having a good weekend.

I wanted to share this new beat with you that I just uploaded recently. It’s titled “Deuce”.

This is a nice trap rap beat. It’s perfect for any artist who is looking for some fresh music! Read More

Hard Hip Hop Beat 2017 – Kong

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share this new beat I finished up recently. This beat is a hard hip hop beat. It’s definitely suited for rappers.

I titled it Kong because of it has a heavy footprint to it. It’s got a laid back but confident vibe to it.

You can hear the full version of Kong here. It’s available for lease and exclusive rights.

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New Modern Trap Beat 2017 – Night Rider

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What’s up everyone! I just wanted to share with you this new modern trap beat I finished up. It’s got a hip hop and trap mix going on with it. Definitely a hybrid type of beat!

It’s got some vintage sounds in it, which is why I called it Night Rider.

The mix really turned out clean on this one. This beat didn’t require too much work on my end. I love it when they come together like that! Click below if you are interested in getting this beat…

Download this new beat

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Upbeat Pop R&B Beat 2017 – Streams

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What’s up everyone! I hope you all have a good week. It’s Monday…. 😉

I just wanted to share with you all this new beat I just finished up. It’s an upbeat Pop R&B Beat and I think it’s going to be a popular one. This one really came together smoothly. It didn’t take a lot of effort on my part to put this beat together. You can play the beat above and you can actually download the beat here.

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Dirty South Future Beat 2017 – Digital

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to share this new beat with you! It’s a dirty south future beat. It’s got a futuristic feel to it. I just finished it up recently.

The beat is called “Digital”. The synth in the hook really sets it off! I decided to use a different kind of bass rather than the normal 808 bass.

The video above is not the whole beat. You can hear the full version here.

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