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    Welcome to and thanks for stopping by! If you are looking for somewhere to buy beats online, you’ve come to the right place. The goal here is to produce high quality beats and to provide them to you at an affordable price. Whether you are a rap artist, singer, or spoken word artist, we’ve got what you need. All of the available beats for sale are on the player below.

    Note: The voice tags that you hear will be removed from ALL beat purchases.

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    Why Buy Beats Online Here:

    1) The music you receive is high quality music production. This is very important. It's very difficult to make a low quality beat sound good and professional. You want professional beats to begin with. Each beat here is ready for the artist to lay their vocals and/or lyrics on the track. 

    2) There are a variety of different genres of beats available to buy. Whether you are looking for Hip Hop Beats, Dirty South Beats, R&B Beats, Pop Beats, or Trap Beats..we've got a solid selection here.

    3) All of the beats for sale here are 100% royalty-free. This means that I am not owed anything from you once you make your purchase. No strings attached. I will not be receiving any royalties from your performances and profits.

    4) Most of these beats for purchase are sample-free. There are a few tracks that contain samples, but 95% of them are sample-free. This means you don't have to get the samples cleared in order to use the track. This also adds the element of originality to the music, since it is fresh and new.

    5) When you buy exclusive beats the option is available to have the instrumentals structure changed if you'd like. For example, if you want the verses to be longer or shorter, or if you want the hook to be longer or shorter, you can have those changes made with your purchase. Just contact me through the Contact tab in the menu up top. You can also make these edits yourself since you will possess the WAV files with the exclusive rights purchase.

    6) When buying beats online, you want security. This website is secure. You can rest assured that any information shared on this site at anytime is secure. You can see the "https" in your browser window along with the green lock. Paypal is the form of payment as well and their website is secure as can be. 


    Steps To Buy Beats Online:

    1) Browse the Beat Store above and click the "Buy" Button of the beat you want.

    2) Select the licensing option(s) that you want and click "Add to Cart" and then click "Checkout" (Or continue shopping if you would like to add more to your cart).

    3) Make a secure payment through Paypal and you will be able to download the beat(s) instantly.


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    Lease Beats Deals:

    Lease 2 beats and get 1 free

    • This applies to both the MP3 leases and also the WAV leases. Simply enter the corresponding discount code at checkout and you will see the price reduced before you pay. Code for MP3s - Buy2get1freeMP3 | Code for WAVs - Buy2get1freeWAV

    Lease 5 beats and get 3 free

    • This applies to both the MP3 leases and also the WAV leases. Simply enter the corresponding discount code at checkout and you will see the price reduced before you pay. Code for MP3s - Buy5get3freeMP3 | Code for WAVs - Buy5get3freeWAV

    Track Outs Lease Deals

    • The discounts are the same as above for the Track Out Leases as well. With the Track Out Lease you get each instrument and drum sound on its own separate WAV track. This allows for the best possible mixing and mastering with your lyrics/vocals. Simply enter the corresponding discount code at checkout | Buy2get1freetrackouts | Buy5get3freetrackouts

    Check out this article for more information on what exactly leasing a beat means.


    Exclusive Beats Deals:

    There are also package deals available for exclusive beats as well. If you need more information on the difference between beats for lease and exclusive beats simply look over the chart below or check out the licensing page. Shoot me a message via the Contact tab up top and let me know which exclusive beats for sale you are interested in buying. We can get a packaged deal worked out for you.


    If you have any issues or problems, please contact us via the contact tab in the menu. Our goal is to be the best site to buy beats online, and that starts with you being pleased with your experience.